Welcome To The NEW DC Theatre Blog!!

In the immortal words of Chris Brown from his 2011 hit "Look At Me Now!"


What's going on, friends, family, framily, foes, and general fellows? It's both a blessing and an honor to welcome you to the NEW home for DC Theatre Blog, the site soon to become your #1 source for Grand Rapids Entertainment News.

Creator & Fearless Leader, DC, reporting for Duty! (Hey y'all.)

I have been a contributor and conduit for Artistic growth since my early years (age 7). My passion for the Arts has been never-ceasing. Though my primary focus roots itself in the world of Theatre, all forms of Art keep me engaged. To witnessing an individual reveling in the beauty of their Artistic Truth is like a reawakening; An energy that keeps me Sustained. Centered. Happy.

Insert Pharrell Dancing Here! :)

My Second Love is imparting wisdom. I love sharing what I've learned, be it a long-term skill or just information about a great performance. That being said, I've made it my duty to report to YOU, my loyal followers, the happenings of both local and long distance Theatre alike. BUT THIS blog is not just my own. There will be other writers and contributors stopping by to drop a little something off. There's a world of knowledge and wisdom out there... and I want this blog to be a place where we all get a little bit of what we need... And because the Artistic Struggle (and world struggle in general) is Real, we here at DC Theatre Blog will be as Real and Up-Front on all subject matter as we can be.

Over the course of the last year, we've been made to experience real life political drama so convoluted that both Olivia Pope & Annalese Keating would say "You're on you own."


As the blog creator, I've felt especially marginalized, being the man that I have grown to become. People say labels are messy and we should break it down to fundamental human nature. Unfortunately, a both inhumane & unnatural thing has occurred which seems to compromise me and many of the people that I love on all ends of our very existence. So, while this will not be a political blogspot, we will from time to time make a statement that may appeal to some readers and may make some head for the hills. Truth is truth. Honesty, the same... and If it need be said, it's a risk we're willing to take.

With that being said: Welcome to what will soon become your #1 source for Grand Rapids Entertainment News:


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