BAM Talent with a base of operations located in Grand Rapids, MI, is a Midwestern Artistic Collective, comprised of like-minded, conscience Black Artists looking to expand their market, and create opportunity for themselves & others by sharing their collective gifts locally & across State Lines. BAM Talent, while an online talent network, will work as a home-base for Midwestern Artists of Color to share their work, thereby representing their cultural heritage and expand their reach, without the censorship or dilution of their voice.




1. Sign Up to Join The Collective by using the form below.

2. Submit Your Photos, Bio & Social Links to BAMTalentGR@gmail.com

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DC & Company is now accepting submissions for the 2019 BAM Teen Performer Ensemble & Production Team. Apply Today. Deadline is JAN 30th


The 2nd fold of BAM TALENT is the FIRST “Teen-Organized” Theatrical Production Company based in Grand Rapids, MI, created as a vehicle to educate and inspire disadvantaged &underrepresented youth to pursuit careers in the Arts by learning how to create within its boundaries.


The BAM Ensemble is working to be unlike any theater program ever witnessed in Grand Rapids.Ensemble members will create original works on a yearly basis based on their own experiences & the subject matter they choose to explore. These pieces will be refined & produced for an audience along with a lot of other very exciting performance opportunities throughout the program:

The 3rd fold of BAM TALENT is the {BAM::BACKEND} Teen Producer’s apprenticeship program. A LIMITED number of promising teens of color, ages 14-19 will be trained as Teen Producers & production staff to run the productions created by the BAM Talent Ensemble.


These students will be helping to create the blueprint for the organization’s perpetuity, so a love for the arts (even if not into theatre), a strong will to create, awesome communication & critical thinking skills & a desire to delve into any of the following fields of study is integral to applicant acceptance:


● Graphic Artist (2 SPOTS AVAILABLE)


● Film Editing/Production (2 SPOTS AVAILABLE)


● Web Design & Marketing (2 SPOTS AVAILABLE)


● Budgeting & Fundraising (2 SPOTS AVAILABLE)

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